Tree-climbing is an activity that has reached the professional level in different countries such as France, Japan, Canada, United States, England, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia and now Mexico, even though in our country this activity is still relatively unknown and often confused with Canopy (parks with fixed installations such as bridges, zip-lining and platforms anchored to tree-tops by means of metal cables, nails and screws). 


Tree-climbing is an outdoor activity that can be practiced as a sport or used as a tool for environmental education, but it is also useful in scientific investigations to explore and study tree tops. The activity requires specialized equipment (ropes, helmet, harness, etc.) and adapted techniques that mainly derive from tree-cutting, rock-climbing, canyoneering and speleology. These techniques are used to reach and move securely among the trees. The prime objective is to spend time with the trees and learn to respect them. We hold a “leave no trace” philosophy and therefore our installations (for ascent, descent, displacement, etc.) are temporary so we use ropes and not cables; this way, once the activity is finished we take everything down and leave the area as we found it, achieving in this way minimal environmental impact in the trees and in their ecosystems. 

Come discover this activity and spend some time with the trees!